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a pain in the neck!

Posted in Health, My Practice by Meghan Pickrell on August 22, 2009

I’ve been wanting to start this blog for a while now. I injured my neck on Friday while moving my new Balanced Body reformer into my office and it’s been in spasm ever since. It’s interesting that when I finally have time to communicate my message about health and exercise into cyberspace, is during a period of pain and discomfort. It’s no fun having a sore neck. It’s a pain in the neck…quite literally. 

Anyway, I moved this huge piece of apparatus into my rather new office space in Hollywood. Filled with pride toward my recent purchase, I tidied the whole space by sweeping, dusting and organizing (my specialty I might add). After lifting several heavy boxes and other oddly shaped pilates devices, I noticed my left shoulder wasn’t quite right. My rhomboid and trapezius were acting quite strange and usually when I notice this kind of communication from my body I stop and listen. Apparently, on Friday there was too much to do! There was no stopping, only organizing! I continued until finished only to realize that I was seriously hurt.The weekend followed with bed rest, ice packs and 600 mg. of motrin (a gift from my lovely mother). If you’ve ever seriously hurt yourself you will empathize with me as I say it’s hard to lie down, get up, ride in a car, and even perform daily tasks when your are in spasm. 

As I lie in bed wondering how I could have let this happen (there is a lot of thinking involved while lying in bed), my thoughts started to overwhelm  me. In fact, my mind really had a lot to say. Apparently it was translating what my shoulder couldn’t put into words. What if I herniated a disc? what if I’m in pain for weeks to come? how will I work? how will I pay my bills? Were some of the nasty thoughts my mind wanted me to entertain. I’m sure there were other thoughts of paralysis and such but we really don’t need to analyze my neuroses in this blog. In the midst of my desperation and anguish (more with my crazy thoughts than the shoulder/neck really), I had a moment of clarity: this is what my clients go through when they come to me. Now, of course I knew this before. I knew that they were or  had been suffering with chronic or acute pain. However, knowing and experiencing are very different. Understanding through experience helps us to sympathize with others in a whole new way. Suffering from physical pain changes our psychological and emotional state in such a way that our sensitivity to everything goes way up. It was as if I was on the verge of tears at any moment not necessarily because the physical pain was so great (even though it was great, believe me) but more because I was in fear. Fear of the unknown and of what may come. What may come of my body? Will I hold up? Will others around me be affected? These are the true questions of the subconscious.

My body is trying to heal me physiologically but I’m actually hindering it’s process by adding the psychological affects of anxiety and stress. How can my body really begin the healing journey if I’m not on board. I began to live by my mantra; picture the bones, understand the alignment, find the reality of the posture. I began to treat my sore body as a whiny child desperate to be heard. This helps me to occupy my mind with more fruitful things. I tried to sit with my sore neck and understand why it might need a little attention at the moment. Sometimes just telling the whiny child that you love them will do the trick. Of course, this is always what I’m reminding my clients. I guess it just takes me a little longer.

My mind is once again at bay and I’m beginning to understand the congestion around intersection Scapula Ave. and Rotator Cuff St .(sorry, that’s a little anatomy humor). I’m learning about patience and that the body really wants to figure it out. Believe me, there is an army in that little body of mine working to heal my neck and put me at ease.  I’m still not totally back on my feet but I did go to work today. I actually stretched, moved around and explored different ways to manage the soreness. It’s getting better! I can actually bend over and wash my face at the sink again. Hooray! Small victories are always encouraging. So was Michael, the massage therapist who really went to town with the shiatsu on Sunday. His number is available upon request.

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