Mind & Motion

Facing Danger

Posted in Inspiration by Meghan Pickrell on August 22, 2009

Now that I’m officially a “blogger” I’ve been trying to read my friends blogs as well. I figure if I’m subjecting them to my blog then I might as well return the favor. 🙂 And, actually they are quite good. My friend Kathy writes a blog about nutrition, which is very informative with recipes and types of foods to eat. My mentor, Carole had at one time 4? Blogs I believe? It was tough to keep up with the constant updates, and new posts every other day. But the writing is very intelligent and articulately constructed. Carole’s blogs are always helpful when keeping up with the pilates community. She is very cutting-edge. Jim, an old friend of mine, and a priest I might add, has a blog about faith. (Just to note, these 3 friends comprise body, mind and soul. I’ve got cool friends).

I was reading through some of Jim’s old posts the other day, and found one in particular entitled, “Why I do it.” Hmmm…, I thought to myself, sounds interesting… what is it that he does? I was intrigued and continued to read the post. Jim lives in Arizona, relatively close to the Grand Canyon. As it turns out, Jim solo hikes through the Canyon. I believe Jim is an avid hiker. Something struck a cord in me as I continued to read the article on why he hikes the canyon,… “It’s dangerous”…. Just spelled out like that, “It’s dangerous.” Um, Father Jim? I always thought we were supposed to stay away from danger?

There is something to be said about facing danger, challenging yourself, and attempting tasks that are scary. According to Fr. Jim, danger is good for the soul and helps with prayer life. I think it’s good to recognize how mortal we are every once in awhile. It brings us to consciousness. In attempting dangerous tasks such as hiking, we need to be prepared. There is seriousness in that preparation that helps to stay present with where we are, and what we may need for survival.

I attempted to water-ski last summer for the first time. I got up on those skis but let me tell you, there were many falls into lake before that moment. It was a little scary, I admit. But it was exhilarating once I finally got up (and stayed up). I also went to a rock climbing gym in Germany in the winter….also, a little scary…. Believe me guys, Germany isn’t lawsuit friendly so them walls are high!

Challenge yourself. Try new tasks. Make a list of sports or activities that you’ve always wanted to try. You probably haven’t attempted some of them because of fear. Be adventurous. Prepare yourself so you are somewhat secure and then take the plunge. Trying new tasks helps us to feel more confident and challenges our dexterity. When something new is accomplished you will feel free and capable. I dare you.

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