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recession = creativity

Posted in Inspiration by Meghan Pickrell on August 22, 2009

DSCF0694 My boyfriend, Carlos, and I moved in together in January. Actually, I moved into his apartment. Let me re-phrase this, I moved into “the bachlor pad”. As you can imagine, many changes were needed in order for this step to take place. I’m not talking about changes within our relationship, I’m talking about a walk-in closet. Can I get an “amen” ladies?

Carlos, being the wise man that he is, obliged to most of the structural and aesthetic changes I suggested and we began the process of creating a home together. We accomplished quite a lot until, of course, this thing called the “recession” hit town. Our income diminished a bit this year and we’ve had to slow down in our spending, namely buying large pieces of expensive furniture. Depressed about the idea of not finishing our apartment, I decided the only way to continue with this process was to get creative. Tired of looking at all of the junk under our sink  which desperately needs doors, I searched for cafe curtain rings and hung tea towels that were a gift, to cover the junk. They look quite cheery if I say so myself.  

We usually always have choices in life. Sometimes decisions are made for us. I often find that when I’m lacking financially, my creativity rises. If I can’t afford a fancy night out, I will make a picnic and eat in the park. The Los Angeles sunset usually makes up for any fanciness a night out might bring. The point is, don’t let this recession affect your personal well being, especially your exercise routine. Get creative. If you’ve been working with a trainer and you can no longer afford it, book your sessions every other week, ask your trainer for specific exercises that you can do alone, come back to the gym and practice. Look at your time between training sessions as your “practice time” and work on all of the moves to show the trainer at the next session. (Remember those piano lessons as a kid, well your trainer also knows if you’ve been practicing or not.) Look for classes that interest you. If you can’t afford classes there are 101 dvds that vary from aerobics (Jane Fonda’s my fav), kickboxing, dance, yoga and of course, pilates. Invite friends over, move furniture and hold your own exercise class. Living in Los Angeles there is so much access to hikes, walks or rollerblading on the beach. Ask yourself what jives with you and find a “movement practice” that suits you. Be honest with yourself about what kind of weekly routine you can manage and schedule it in your planner. This is not a time to stop moving your body.

If you’re not a big exerciser take some time to learn the practice of it. Schedule a few pilates sessions and learn home exercises or movements  that will help you get along in a group class. Ask for a routine you can practice at home in 20 min. If you aren’t suffering from any chronic pain, this should be relatively easy.

Exercise relieves stress, raises endorphins and should help you to feel better, more powerful, and confident. Confidence will help out at the office, give you an extra edge and help you to meet your goals. Now is the time be to working on yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Change the energy of worry and release it through exercising the body. The key is find something that you like and that’s logistical. Get creative.

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