Mind & Motion

The Relationship

Posted in Inspiration by Meghan Pickrell on August 22, 2009

large_white-cellsWhen the body is injured it’s aided by an internal army. The body’s response to any threat is to protect. Inflammation helps bring blood flow to the area. White blood cells come prepared to fight any infections. Your body wants to repair itself and stay on a healthy course. Thank God we have such an efficient unique system that aids and supports us from any threat. 

 So why then do we have chronic pain? How does such an efficient system loose it’s journey in returning us to perfect health? I believe this is the moment where we have the opportunity to return the support. This is where the relationship develops. Our conscious minds may step in and give a little support to this driven, efficient system. Understand the nature of any ailment. Give a little attention to this part that is crying out. Find ways to serve yourself. Develop your awareness. Test your patience. Breathe.  

Sometimes the body looses its way and needs a little direction…

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