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Posted in My Practice by Meghan Pickrell on October 15, 2009

I treat every “body” the same when in my studio, not in terms of content but in terms of care. I do not assess, judge or fix. I look at the body at each moment in time. I understand process. I help guide the body (and person) I’m working with into a more efficient relationship to gravity, where gravity is asisting and supporting the skeletal structure. I start to wonder (I guess this is my way of assessing): does this body need more strength? Or more range? Does this body need relaxation? Or balance? And I wonder about the person: How does this person approach movement? Are they eager or reluctant? Do they tend to push or assist? Do they posture against support? What is their goal? Where is their focus? Questions such as these are continually explored during a session.

I get curious about a body even if the person has a neurological disease, injury, chronic pain, functional disorder or is totally healthy. Although certain conditions inform me about how to create boundaries, I look at each body with what it can do today, in this moment. I never doubt potential, the mind or miracles.

When asking someone to perform an exercise, I look for alignment, relaxation and a sense of focus. I want them to feel their support, remain grounded and aligned. I want them to feel the weight in the given exercise (we are usually working with moving some kind of weight, either a dumbell or a limb). You cannot tense and feel at the same time. It’s a contradiction. In order to sense the weight of your body or a prop you need to be relaxed. Relaxed with a readiness to move. Relaxed with intention.

It sounds a bit poetic, this little post of mine. However, there is something about that moment… the moment when you are relaxed, the moment when you get curious, the moment when you begin to feel. It’s poetic when someone starts to move their leg in a whole way, or realizes a place in space exists where pain diminishes. It’s sacred. I try to open up a space for moments like these, where awareness begins and a new patterns emerge.

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  1. Nicki Miglino said, on October 17, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    I’m an “old” friend of your mother’s. We recently spent our reuniion weekend together in Benton. What a wonderful time we had!! I’ve felt lucky most of my life to have your mother as a friend (we are Jan. babies). Like your mother, I exercise, take yoga, take care of myself (body and mind) but the best thing in life is to open up to a friend, to accept each other as we are, and to cherish the art of knowing. If I lived near you I would love to be in your class!

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