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spinach, green beans and cauliflower, oh my!

Posted in Nutrition by Meghan Pickrell on March 24, 2010

Carlos and I went to the amazing new farmer’s market at the Yamashiro last Thursday evening. If you haven’t heard about it, check it out: http://thehillsfarmersmarket.com/lacityfarm/yamashiro-garden-market.html. After picking from the finest fruits and veggies we realized that we had quite an assortment for a healthy meal which we prepared later that weekend.

I boiled the green beans (after the ends were snapped) for only 5 minutes and then sauteed them (in butter) with chopped onion, spinach, and almond slivers. Carlos steamed the cauliflower and made a delicious cream sauce with a hint of blue cheese. The sauce was comprised of milk, butter and a bit of blue cheese and of course, salt and pepper. We also added some chopped walnuts and spring onions on top. We had a perfect spring meal, packed with iron, vitamins B, C and K. All of the produce was from local organic farmers. We got a little creative, but trust me, it was delicious!

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