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why can’t we do pilates all day?

Posted in Inspiration, Pilates by Meghan Pickrell on April 17, 2010

There is something about stopping mid-day for a little exercise that is so refreshing. I am fortunate enough to be around the pilates apparatus all day so when I have a spare moment I can play. There is quite a bit I can do in as little as 30 minutes which is sometimes all I have with clients coming in and out. Afterward I feel more connected to my muscles, I understand my postural tendencies and a sense of alignment comes over me. Movement brings me vitality and even a change in perspective. So much can shift internally when I change my focus and start to move on the apparatus.

I decided to create the video series “Move of the Week” so that you can experience a little mid-day relief yourself. Whether you are at your desk and feel a little stiff, need to get your mind working in a different way, get connected to your breath or start to notice patterns, hopefully the videos will give you a little mini session. I hope that some of the exercises will be incorporated into your daily life, giving you the opportunity to feel refreshed and aligned. It would be great if we could look at “exercise” as something to be performed throughout the day so that it doesn’t necessarily stop when we leave the studio (or gym). I hope this series serves you in continuing the pilates experience throughout the day.

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  1. theverticalworkshop said, on April 17, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    Meghan, Thank you for posting this!

    it was Mr. Pilates intention that while Pilates is a 55 minute workout, that we take the actions that we practice in that focused time and continue throughout our day! So, whether we are doing a Pilates session, making tea, walking down the block, reading a book, etc…we can practice these actions! It’s something I’ve written about before and plan on writing in one of my upcoming blogs! I hope you’ll take a read when I post it! http://www.TheVerticalWorkshop.wordpress.com

    – Shari Berkowitz

    • Meghan Pickrell said, on April 18, 2010 at 12:24 am

      Thank you Shari for your response. I agree and try to cue fundamental postural and movement awareness concepts that clients can take with them outside of the studio. I try and fit within the mold of their daily activities as well as give them exercises which can be accessed at any moment. I’ll look for your upcoming blog post on theverticalworkshop. Take care and thanks for reading.

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