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Little ‘Green’ Dress

Posted in Inspiration by Meghan Pickrell on August 18, 2010

My cousin is getting married next weekend and I decided it would be fun to purchase a new dress for the occasion. I looked around and finally settled on a strapless silk number from J. Crew but I wasn’t sold. The dress is cream with an ikat green pattern throughout. It almost appears camoflage. I loved the cut but wasn’t sure about the color. With encouragement from friends I decided upon the dress but continued to think about it… had I made the right choice? The next morning on my hike up Runyon canyon I noticed that this silly little dress was still at the forefront of my thoughts. Now I love fashion, but obsessing about a simple $150 dress was getting a bit ridiculous. A dress. Really?

There is one specific topic I have yet to address directly on Mind & Motion, the mind. The mind is curious because it can dictate so much about how you perceive yourself and your environment. Regardless of your social, economic or health status the mind can influence your experience. It can plague you. Those who are unsure about a dress can be plagued with distress just the same as those concerned about wearing hand-me-down clothes. Those who seem to have all… may be plagued with worry, grief, doubt or fear. We all have a mind which can sometimes run rampant.

Because you dictate your thoughts you can control your conscious mind. Thoughts of worry or doubt can fill your mind just as readily as thoughts of peace and joy. You decide what to fill your mind with. You choose the activities in which to engage. You can be captains of the mind just as much as you can be captives to it.

Halfway through my hike I decided to shift to my thoughts to my blog, which makes me happy. I’m often inspired when releasing those little chemicals called endorphins and feel quite satisfied. I felt my body climbing up the arduous hill, overcome with strength and accomplishment. I took in the fresh air and decided it would all work out perfectly.

(PS- For those of you still concerned about my dress- I found the perfect green suede heels, and accessories with help from Carlos, Melina and Jane. I think it’ll be a knockout. Thanks gang!)

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  1. Carlos said, on August 18, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    …Captain, not a captive, of the mind…..i like that!

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