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My Day at the Spa

Posted in Health, Inspiration by Meghan Pickrell on October 3, 2010

The jacuzzi at Burke Williams

Yesterday, Carlos and I went to Burke Williams http://www.burkewilliamsspa.com, an amazing Los Angeles based spa. Ahhhh… a day at the spa was so heavenly! My treatments included a 50 minute full firm Swedish pure relaxation massage and a spa style facial. Carlos opted for a pure relaxation massage and a salt glow treatment in the wet room.

We arrived early in order to take advantage of the luxurious spa facilities. I loved the eucalyptus aromatherapy in the steam room. I nice added touch, which helped my lungs open up and feel revitalized. I then retreated to the quiet room for a few minutes of blissful peace and quiet (quiet, can you believe it? It seems silly that something so obvious could be such a treat, but it was!). Eleanora, my massage therapist, a small but hefty woman, found me in a meditative state, lounging with my feet up. She took me to a cozy and perfectly warm room for my massage. I was quite surprised to find out that Eleanora was a Physical Therapist in her home country of Armenia! Her expertise was quite apparent in her technique as well. My body melted into the massage table as she found all of the intrusive, tight spots in my upper back.

After my massage I was greeted by Audry, a very sweet Esthetician will luminous skin (Is that part of the job requirement?). She took me to another private and quiet room with a mechanical table and all of necessities to whip my pores into shape. The pumpkin mask used to pull out and eliminate dirty pores (Eww) was my favorite.

A day at the spa with no distractions was exactly what my tired body needed. Carlos loved the wet room where he was scrubbed and cleansed. He called it “a primitive experience.” It was such a glorious retreat from the busy, stressful lives we both lead. It’s important to remember to do something special for yourself every once in while. Taking time for decompression and relaxation is renewing and energizing. Hey, it gave me enough energy and patience to write this blog. 🙂

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