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Posted in Fitness Tips, Health, Inspiration by Meghan Pickrell on October 10, 2010

So, as most of you know I’m working toward my Master’s in Kinesiology. This is a bit of a rigorous process – prerequisites, classes and of course RESEARCH. For my thesis I’m working with this device called the Vivometric LifeShirt which is basically a sci-fi vest, fitted with all kinds of sensors, wires and electrode hook-ups. The LifeShirt measures over 100 physiological features at any one moment. Everything is recorded onto a small chip (much like a memory card) which is then transferred to the computer where I can analyze the data. At this point I can observe all vital functions (such as heart rate) over a period of time.

I’ve decided to measure co-regulation with the LifeShirt. What I’m observing is any synchronization that may occur (physiologically) between me and a client during a typical pilates session. The questions I’m asking are: do heart rate increases or decreases coincide between individuals? or respiratory rate? or autonomic nervous system shifts? Basically, do I influence changes within the client? Or are changes purely as a result of the exercises… It will be interesting to find out what happens.

Part of my research entails a gamut of tests which measure my reaction to stress. While wearing the LifeShirt I recently went through psychological and physical testing. The video above is of me performing a “one repetition maximum” test while wearing the LifeShirt. My lab partners were testing the amount of weight I could press as a measure of strength. I only had to press out and extend my knees one time. But if performed correctly more weight was added. I think I pressed up to 275lbs? This was huge for me as you can see in the video. Enjoy watching me give it my all!

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  1. mom said, on October 11, 2010 at 12:37 am

    That is amazing!

  2. Carole Amend @PilatesbyAIM said, on October 26, 2010 at 1:44 am

    That was neat to watch! Thanks for posting it! And great to see your smile!

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