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Demand More From Your Trainer!

Posted in Fitness Tips by Meghan Pickrell on February 6, 2011

A frustrating component of my profession is that fitness trainers rarely having ranking. We do not belong to the corporate model which encourages hard work to move up the ladder. Someone who was recently certified can charge just as much as someone who has been in the industry for 20+ years (and they usually do, so beware).

The other frustrating component is that the public usually doesn’t know the difference. Because of the lack of education to the public a novice fitness enthusiast may not know if they are getting their monies worth. This can be particularly true if a “celebrity trainer” has an amazing marketing team. If a trainer gets one celebrity to endorse them, they are suddenly the new fitness guru of Los Angeles… even if they have very little education. I have had clients come to me who were pushed too hard during their workout and were left injured, unfortunately. Let me tell you something, even though People may disagree, celebrities know just as much about a safe and effective workout as you, most likely!

My vision is to push the fitness industry to a new level. Training programs should be 2 years at the minimum. After all, it’s your body! Seriously, that is probably the most important asset that you have. I would want an educated attorney to get me out of a law suit. I would also want an educated teacher to teach my how to move, stretch and strengthen. Probably even more so. I’d rather have my money go, than my body. The more you are educated, the more you can demand from your fitness routine. The Anatomy Coloring Book http://www.amazon.com/Anatomy-Coloring-Book-Wynn-Kapit/dp/0805350861 is a wonderful tool to begin to understand the mechanics of your bones, joints and muscles. It’s actually pretty freaking fascinating. Please check out my past blog on What to Look for in a Pilates Teacher https://mindmotion.wordpress.com/2009/08/22/what-to-look-for-in-a-pilates-teacher/ to understand which questions to ask your trainer. Good luck!

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