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Morning Stretches!

Posted in Morning Energy by Meghan Pickrell on May 24, 2011

As promised, here are a few yoga stretches that I like to warm-up my spine in the morning. A bit of movement to wake up my back makes it easier to perform tasks throughout the early hours. Please be gentle if you try these stretches at home! Your body is not yet awake so take caution. These are only suggestions and other stretches may be appropriate for your body. This is just what feels good to me!

Here I am in my studio looking tired because it’s so early. Sad. Don’t worry, it gets better. I’m already getting blood flow through my muscles as I reach up to the ceiling and lift up out of my waist. I have my arms straight, fingers interlaced and index fingers released. As you may notice, my ambition is to reach through my waist upward and into my feet downward. I am then creating a side bend (a half moon shape). As I stretch to the right, my right side engages and my left side stretches. I will hold this for a few seconds and then try the other side.

See, now I’m warm! And happier as I stretch to the left.

Now I’m stretching my chest, shoulders and upper spine by creating an arch in my upper back. I could go further but I’m choosing to be gentle. I wouldn’t want to force my back into anything precarious so early in the daytime (gentle = happy spine). However, I let my head hang and reach my sternum up to the ceiling.

Aww! The beloved forward bend. (Please take note: I’m quite flexible in the hamstring arena so your hands might not touch the ground. That’s ok! Lean onto the edge of a bathtub or dining chair so that you have support from your hands while maintaining a light hamstring stretch) I am then bending one leg at a time and alternating every few seconds as a warm-up. I’m really feeling my hip sockets and lengthening the back of my leg. This feels so good that…

I place my hands around the back of my ankles and pull my body closer to my legs. I hold the stretch for around 10 seconds. It feels great! Now I’m happy and ready to teach.

Do you have an early morning stretch routine?

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  1. mom said, on May 25, 2011 at 10:31 am

    Loved the pictures! Gives us goals!

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