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Spring Newsletter

Posted in Health, Inspiration, My Practice by Meghan Pickrell on May 2, 2016
IMG_3567 copy

Here I am cutting the rug at my wedding

It’s May! I can’t believe summer is around the corner. Of course in LA that means a shift of about 20 degrees. Regardless, time is passing, as it should.

The year so far has been good to us. The studio has been steady: classes full, new clients coming in, people feeling better. It’s wonderful to watch self-discovery through movement and observation. You notice the pattern, you understand, you change, you feel better! You get stronger and feel accomplished. You are empowered. This is what we teach. It’s a blessing to experience this progression.

I have been working on my own movement practice as well. I’m resuming ballet classes, moving on the pilates apparatus and even went out swing dancing (an old hobby of mine) a weeks back. Years ago I went out social dancing weekly (several times a week, in fact). I was hooked. I traveled, met new people and was part of a lindy-hop community. It consumed a huge part of my life. It was tons of fun. Of course, I still love dancing and love the idea that I can cut the rug anytime, anywhere with any stranger who has the same dancing skills as I . The magical thing about social dance is that for a small moment in time (usually about the length of a 3 minute jam) you connect with this other person in a completely non-verbal way. The link is the music and how you are both hearing and translating the music. You are totally engaged in the cues you are receiving from one another. It’s conversation through movement. Sometimes it’s utterly thrilling and other times super intimate. After the song is up you say thank you and that’s it. You may not even know each other’s name. It’s wonderful. Everyone should experience it.

Whether your hobby is swing dance, rock-climbing, golf, running marathons, a regular pilates practice can keep you in the game. It keeps you able to do all the things you love in life. So, hopefully this summer brings a bit of adventure. Get outside, experience the world, try a new hobby! Come back to class, restore and then get back out there. I will see you in class. Happy spring! Meghan 😉


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