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About Meghan Pickrell, MS

The bio…

I have been interested in exercise since a child. This is mainly due to my mom’s obsession with Jane Fonda’s  aerobics studio (step touch). Short on babysitters, my mom dragged me there at the mere age of 6 where I practiced the routine in the back of the class (I wasn’t interested in my coloring book. Go figure.) I started ballet at age 8 and performed semi-professionally throughout early adulthood. I earned my BA in dance from the University of Colorado-Boulder – not exactly the most practical degree, but I loved it. Post college I figured I better put that degree to some good use so I apprenticed at Bodies Mind®  in the SF Bay area learning a myriad of modalities, including pilates.

My interest and investigation has continued through a decade of teaching experience. Eight years post college I returned to academia, this time earning my master’s degree in Kinesiology (the study of movement).

I call myself a Movement Specialist because I really enjoy breaking down movement of any sort. I like looking at an exercise, and teaching a client how to get the most benefit for their body. Efficiency is key. Why do one hundred repetitions if you can maximize ten to get the most benefit. This takes awareness- of the body and mind. Understanding how joints and bones work as a lever system optimizes exercise. My hope is that all of my clients understand and appreciate the capabilities of their body. This is what I strive for in each session.

I love giving a thorough workout but my specialties include working with low back pain, disc herniation, scoliosis, sacrum instability, and other spinal conditions. I use a myriad of techniques including a full pilates repertoire, coordination patterns, yoga, and functional movement in order to assist my clients with proper alignment, joint function, strength and flexibility. I have completed Level 1 in the Trager® certification and am in the process of getting certified as a Trager® practitioner

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