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New Studio- ooohhh! ahhhh!

Posted in Blog news, My Practice by Meghan Pickrell on September 27, 2011

Here are a few pics of the new space. Carlos bought those cypress trees to frame either side of the door. I think they look quite nice if I do say so myself.

The waiting room. Let’s actually call it “The Library,” shall we? The bookshelf to the left is filled with exercise, anatomy and pilates books for your perusal. Soon I will serve tea for you to enjoy pre-session.

The studio – where you can get your sweat on.

The cadillac – where you can hang like a monkey (I know that’s been your life’s ambition)

The reformer – enough said.

Your educational tool in understanding how your joints articulate. Please visit my website to schedule for a free introductory class www.mindandmotionpilates.com. I’d love to have you.

Grand Opening Party

Posted in Blog news, My Practice by Meghan Pickrell on September 25, 2011

Yesterday was the grand opening of my new pilates studio, aptly named Mind & Motion, Pilates and Beyond. I kick started the day with free classes starting at 9am. Classes ended at 4pm and the reception was held that evening. My stepdaughter, the lovely Melina Hannemann, was kind enough to help out with the admin duties during classes and photographic duties for the party. Here are a few shots of the studio and party last night.

We have four reformers and a trapeze table…

The lovely Lucy playing with a blue ball, one of the many fun props we have at M & M.

The party in full swing

Gigi and I enjoying some wine

Sherri, Jane and I

Chatting with Linnea

Carlos with the very talented Paul Wehby.
My website is also up and running where you can book classes online www.mindandmotionpilates.com. Sign up for a free intro class when you have a chance.

Ohhh – it’s on!!!

Posted in Blog news, My Practice by Meghan Pickrell on August 21, 2011

Just after signing my lease at the new home of Mind & Motion pilates studio

I have some exciting news! What could it be? you ask? Well, I’ve just signed a lease for a brand new space on 3rd St. and La Brea. Mind & Motion (me) will be relocating in less than a month’s time. YAY! The new larger space will have room for intimate group classes of up to four people. YAY! AND… it’s conveniently located to Ralph’s as you can see in the above photo. YAY! I will keep you posted about my process as I make this charming space my new home. New posts coming soon… YAY!

Pilates Video

Posted in Pilates by Meghan Pickrell on August 14, 2011

Watch out! I’m going to be incorporating video on Mind & Motion- a promise made too long ago. AND I’m starting with my clients. The idea came to me as I was teaching one day and realized that my clients can sometimes perform exercises better than me. I have talented group, I must admit. So, I’m taking their best exercise, filming them and posting it for inspiration.

In this clip Amanda is rounding through her upper back, grounding in her tail, and extending her arms and legs in a coordinated manner. This exercise is called coordination because of the sequencing, breath and difficulty of the task. Amanda does quite a lovely job! You can perform this at home without the reformer- just follow our timing and try it lying on the floor. Enjoy!

The Pilates Moves…

Posted in My Practice, Pilates by Meghan Pickrell on July 24, 2011

I dragged Carlos into the studio this week to take a few photos of me on the apparatus. None of my promo material (in the past decade) has ever included photos of me performing fancy exercises on the apparatus. I always felt that showing advanced exercises as a teacher didn’t prove that you could actually teach, right? But, I caved. I figured I would model all of the fun moves we can do on the apparatus when you schedule your session. I’m trying to entice you to take pilates from me!!! It’s awesome people!

For instance, in the above picture I am hanging around the studio. Boy, I could do this all day.

Testing out my muscles… Trust me, I’m sore from this today.

Weeee!!!! This is quite fun!

Some variation of a teaser…

Performing the hundred. Next time I’ll video so you can see the sweat running down my brow…

Finally, this one is for the postcard.

Are you just aching to schedule a session???? Settle down, we generally don’t begin with these exercises. But, overtime you too can make your mother proud! And Joe Pilates will smile down from heaven. Have a wonderful week!