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Class vs. Private Instruction

Posted in Fitness Tips by Meghan Pickrell on October 10, 2011

A lot of times clients ask which would be more appropriate: classes or privates. Todays post gives a little breakdown of the differences between a group fitness session and a private session. I teach both but have spent most of my time teaching privately until recently.

Private Session: A private pilates (or personal training) session should be tailored to you! That’s right, smile, you get all of the attention. Because of the intimate nature in this setting, focus is spent on achieving your personal goals, correcting postural imbalances specific to your body, and toning up areas that need strength for you. Cues from your trainer or practitioner will be specific and will help you perform the exercises optimally. The pace of the session will also be suited to your needs. You may need to slow down and really focus on the sequencing. Or, you may be someone who needs to really start moving!  Point blank – you and your practitioner will direct the flow of the session together to create the perfect session for your body.

Class: A big bonus of taking a class rather than a private session is that it’s generally less expensive. This can be a huge bonus. There are other incentives as well, however. In a private session you are mainly being told what to do. This can be great for someone who is unsure about the movements, timing, pilates apparatus, or even their own body. In a class you won’t receive as much specific information. However, it can be great for a client who needs a bit of autonomy. Because your teacher is no longer lurching over you for the entire hour, you can decide where and how to direct your focus. This can be a great platform to work on the specific cues  that you have received in private. This is where we see how much you have learned. You can see this as well… and it’s often times rewarding to feel that you have figured it out alone.

Although my group classes are very small (the smallest I’ve seen in Los Angeles) I like for clients to interchange privates and classes. This way they get the best of both worlds. If you are interested in a pilates program and are not sure what would be best for you, please comment. I will try and help!

Ohhh – it’s on!!!

Posted in Blog news, My Practice by Meghan Pickrell on August 21, 2011

Just after signing my lease at the new home of Mind & Motion pilates studio

I have some exciting news! What could it be? you ask? Well, I’ve just signed a lease for a brand new space on 3rd St. and La Brea. Mind & Motion (me) will be relocating in less than a month’s time. YAY! The new larger space will have room for intimate group classes of up to four people. YAY! AND… it’s conveniently located to Ralph’s as you can see in the above photo. YAY! I will keep you posted about my process as I make this charming space my new home. New posts coming soon… YAY!